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What Successful Entrepreneurs Are Saying About Nabeel Azeez

alexander juan antonio cortes testimonial nabeel azeez

Alexander Juan Antonio Cortes – Owner, Cortes Consulting

Mike Cernovich – Owner, Cernovich Media

“The man knows his stuff. Definitely hire him if you get the chance.”

kyle trouble thisistrouble testimonial nabeel azeez

“I commissioned Nabeel Azeez to critique the copy I crafted for a recent product launch. I’m an experienced internet marketer and write daily, so I know how to write to sell. Nabeel was able to recommend subtle changes to my launch emails and sales page to give them that much more polish. What’s more, he found ways I can improve my course material to give my customers a better learning experience. The man knows his stuff. Definitely, hire him if you get the chance.”
Kyle Trouble – Owner, Selo Oils

“We spent thousands before we realized how much value Nabeel gave us for free.”

monash unny ubrik media testimonial nabeel azeez

“When we overhauled our website we asked Nabeel Azeez to help us write the copy. During this project, he gave us so much more than words on a page. To come up with our messaging he made us think about our business at a deeper, more strategic level. He made us interview our customers so we can use their own words in our web copy. The messaging we worked together to create ultimately led the design of our website. Nabeel also gave us valuable advice on using content marketing to promote our business. It was only after we ended up paying Hubspot thousands of dollars to use their inbound marketing platform that we realized how much value Nabeel gave us FOR FREE. I trust Nabeel and would recommend him to anyone.”
Monash Unny – Owner, Ubrik Media

“He just gave that little extra that makes all the difference.”

Chantelle Zakariasen – Owner, Chanti Zak Marketing Inc.

“I launched my new offer 2 weeks ago and already cleared 5-figures…it wouldn’t have been possible without Nabeel.”

Clark Wilcox – Owner, Clark Wilcox Consulting

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