The “Hidden” Power Of Results

Update: The Ed Latimore Personal Branding Bundle promotion is over.

I’m putting the finishing touches on a case study for a client.

They got their first legit results on a service offering.

They’re proud of it, and rightly so.

An obvious benefit is the social proof.

Now, whenever they reach out to prospects, they can lead with results.

Much easier to get a foot in the door.

But there’s a hidden benefit as well.


There are levels to confidence.

Ed Latimore talks about them in his book, The Four Confidences (keep reading to find out how you can get this book for free.)

My client used to only have confidence in:

  • The results other marketers got with these activities
  • The expert marketers who taught them how to do these activities

Now that they’ve gotten their own results…

…they have confidence in:

  • Their own ability perform these activities successfully
  • The process they’ve created for success

How much easier do you think it will be…

…for my client to go into a sales meeting and pitch these services?

They’ve done it themselves, and they know it works.

This will make them more enthusiastic and more sure of themselves.

And when you’re trying to close a sale, energy is everything.

If you want to get a superbly narrated summary of The Four Confidences, watch this animated video by Illacertus.

(But remember to read the rest of this post because I’m going to tell you how you can get a free copy)

Ed Latimore is supremely confident about personal branding because he’s had so much success.

So confident, in fact, he can break the “rules” of marketing as and when he pleases.

Now, I do this marketing sh*t for a living.

Ed’s marketing prowess is an essential side-effect of him being an author and public figure.

Still, I’m more than happy to learn from him.

Because I know what Ed does and teaches just works.

You should learn from him too.

There are less than 18 hours before Ed takes down his 1-hour masterclass,

How To Build A Profitable Personal Brand.

^^ Click on that link to get your copy.

If you buy before the deadline, Ed will also gift you a copy of his copywriting book,

Engagement Is The New Cocaine: The Art And Science Of Writing Awesomely Addictive Tweets.

I’m calling it a copywriting book because social media copywriting is a legitimate skill.

One that people pay good money for ($500 – $1,000 / month retainers.)

And one that transfers over to other media.

He’s also graciously given me permission to gift you a copy of his book on confidence,

The Four Confidences.

That’s 2 gifts from Ed:

  • How To Build A Profitable Personal Brand (1-hour video masterclass)
  • Engagement Is The New Cocaine: The Art And Science Of Writing Awesomely Addictive Tweets (sells for $47)
  • The Four Confidences (sells for $12)

PLUS 2 gifts from me:

  • Complimentary copy of Dragon Energy: The Tao Of Personal Branding (sells for $49)
  • Complimentary website copy audit (my hourly consulting rate is $600)

So, if you want to get:

  • Ed’s masterclass
  • 3 complimentary books ($108 value) and a
  • complimentary website copy audit ($300 – $600 value)

Click on the link below.

[Yes, I want the masterclass on personal branding and all the bonuses]

And remember, times running out.

You have until midnight Monday July 1st (that means you need to buy before 11:59 pm today.)

How To Claim Your Bonuses:

  • Email a copy of your receipt to nabeel at nabeelazeez dot com and I’ll handle the rest
  • You’ll be able to download Engagement Is The New Cocaine as soon as you complete your purchase

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