In Cold, Hard Cash, The Opportunity Cost Of Social Media

(Quick plug: if you didn’t read the “Exclusive Interview With Dubai’s Most Expensive Copywriter) that I sent out yesterday, Dennis Demori put it up on his website. Check it out after you read this post.)

I posted an off-hand tweet today that turned into a powerful teaching moment.

I’ma share it with you in a minute.

But first a little context:

I was talking to my friend Pat Stedman yesterday about Victor Pride, a famous blogger in the self-improvement / masculinity space (popularly known as the Manosphere.)

Pat’s a super-successful dating coach; I used an important principle he teaches as the basis for one of the most important chapters in my book.

Anyway, Pat’s of the opinion that not being on social media is bad for business.

And to an extent, I agree.

But it depends on the business.

We give up a lot of time and energy to social media.

Time and energy that we can spend creating less ephemeral, higher quality, evergreen assets.

And then I saw the perfect example to demonstrate the concept:

That was the end of it, or so I thought.

Until today, when I decided to look up Victor Pride’s traffic numbers.

And the blog isn’t his only digital property.

He also has his podcast and Youtube channel.

And he doesn’t just sell ebooks.

He sells private label supplements, does affiliate marketing, and occasionally does events.

I’d say he does about $50 – $80k a month altogether.

But wait, there’s more!

To show you how amazing Victor Pride is (for saying a big f*** you to social media and still making a s***ton of money)…

I decided to offer a contrasting example when I saw this tweet from Claire Lehman, founder and editor-in-chief of Quillette. com:

So I looked up Quillette’s traffic numbers and did a little rough math:

I was making conservative estimates like for B&D, mainly on the Google Adsense.

They do some affiliate marketing too. And they may have private donors and direct ad buys.

So their numbers could be similar to Victor Pride.

But Quillette gets FIVE TIMES as much traffic as B&D.

They should be doing 5x the revenue.

To drive the point home from another angle, let’s take a look at someone with a massive social media signal.

Only 0.1% of the people who see Ed’s social media posts come to his website.

Ed spends maybe 2-3 hours a day on social media? Maybe more?

That’s a lot of time and energy invested for a tiny return.

School’s in session, bros.

You just learned how to make money online.

Talk soon.

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  • Kyle Trouble Mar 29, 2019 @ 8:18

    SimilarWeb is notoriously inaccurate as far as traffic goes, SEMrush (the original one you pointed out) is better, but only shows actual SEO data (which is in the shitter as of late, thanks Google/DDG) – and isn’t relevant to the actual people visiting via their RSS feed or any other methods used for tracking. Not sure what SimilarWeb includes, but I’ve never seen a truly accurate assessment (for any of my sites, or any other’s).

    Regardless, you’re spot on in this post. It’s still very much a viable medium, which is why I keep doing it – and really, I need to do more of it. Less social media where anyone can shout into the void, and more growing the evergreen assets that are going to keep bringing you leads and sales overtime.

    Last note about B&D:

    0.5% to completely cold traffic, in the hopes they just buy one of his books, is actually probably a bit…high.

    But, I’d wager 0.5% do buy something (whether it be an affiliate product or something else).

    And, his articles are top-notch.

    Once someone reads one once, a lot will keep coming back, and buy eventually.

    Difficult to track and get all the real numbers on this as the site owner, much less us speculating here.

    Anyways, nice post.

    • Nabeel Azeez Mar 29, 2019 @ 9:08

      Glad you chimed in bro. You have more experience evaluating websites than me. What’s the most accurate tool? Ahrefs?

      • Kyle Trouble Mar 29, 2019 @ 14:11

        I actually think SEMrush is pretty accurate as far as showing Google rankings/volume/etc. It’s as close as you’ll get as far as the search engines.

        Unfortunately there’s no way whatsoever to measure how many RSS readers or people who just have a site bookmarked without having access to returning visitor data.

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