Unsexy Marketing Fundamentals (That Make Money 100% Of The Time)

So it turns out I’ve convinced people I’m a legit copywriter. Shocking, I know.

My friend Kyle Trouble, the proprietor of thisistrouble.com, invited me on his online business podcast – The Nomad and Nerdy Show – to talk about copywriting and email marketing.

During our discussion, I made it my goal to drill the fundamentals we all tend to forget while chasing the latest marketing fads.

Kyle split the interview into two parts.

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Part 1: Everything You Need to Know About Copywriting

  • [01:30] My introduction to the world of online business and how I fell in love with copywriting
  • [03:00] How we position our services at Dropkick Copy, and who I write for under my personal brand as Dubai’s most expensive copywriter
  • [04:15] The 3 essential elements of good copy – violate them at your own risk
  • [05:50] What does a website optimized for direct response marketing look like? When can you break the principles of direct response? AND MY GODDAMN CAT WON’T SHUT THE F*** UP
  • [08:03] The simplest explanation of a sales page or offer you have ever heard. Absolutely anyone can write a sales page this way, even if they know nothing about copywriting
  • [11:05] Shattering your delusions about conversion rates, courtesy of too many entre-poo-neurs faking the funk
  • [13:02] Why a “funnel” is the LAST thing you need to give a crap about. How to think of an online sales cycle and how long it takes for a reader to become a customer
  • [16:03] How to create multiple “touch points” online with ZERO hard-selling so readers becoming customers is inevitable
  • [17:20] My top three FREE resources for learning how to write effective copy – something to read, something to write, and something to listen to
  • [19:50] Advice from the trenches – 3 pieces of advice for new copywriters I learned the old-fashioned way…by making mistakes
  • [21:56] For newbies just starting out: how to build your audience from ZERO to X (hint: it doesn’t involve posting on social media)
  • [23:30] The right mindset and how to view your competitors

Part 2: The Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing

  • [00:45] Is an email list important? Challenging conventional wisdom and persistent (but not necessarily accurate) marketing memes
  • [03:17] When does social media beat email for sales?
  • [03:45] The subtle mindset differences between someone scrolling through their social media feed and someone checking their email inbox
  • [05:30] The easiest way to start building your email list from day 1 (this is something I learned from Noah Kagan)
  • [07:15] How often should you email your list? The 2 hidden benefits of emailing them as often as possible
  • [10:48] If you’re serious about email marketing this is the ONLY opt-in / lead magnet you should start out with
  • [12:50] Open rates and click-through rates are relative, but here are some ball-park figures to aim for
  • [13:55] The 2 unsexy email marketing tips that will consistently make you money 100% of the time
  • [15:08] A live demonstration of the RULE OF ONE

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