Bald. Bearded. Magnificent. Oh, And He Writes A Bit Of Copy Too.

Nabeel Azeez is a direct response copywriter and marketing consultant in Dubai, U.A.E.

He is writing this page in the third person and telling you about it because he enjoys meta-humor (or “meta-humour,” depending on whether or not you are familiar with diphthongs.)

How To Contact Nabeel

The best way to contact Nabeel is to send him a direct message on Twitter.

Here are some other ways to get in touch:

  • Social Media: Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn
  • Email: nabeel at nabeelazeez dot com
  • Phone: zero zero nine seven one five zero two four five eight zero two six

Nabeel Azeez is the co-owner of Dropkick Copy, A B2B Email Marketing Agency

Dropkick Copy helps entrepreneurs and marketers unlock 10 to 50 percent in additional top-line revenue using battle-tested email copywriting and marketing automation.

Nabeel Azeez is the author of Dragon Energy: The Tao Of Personal Branding

Dragon Energy: The Tao Of Personal Branding teaches business owners how to find and grow an online audience using personal branding.

What People Are Saying About Nabeel

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